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22 April 2018

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Special Day of Prayer for Vocations

22 Apr 9.30
(St. Vincent’sFor All Parishioners
Paul Slingsby.

23 Apr 9.00
Frank McFadyen

24 Apr 9.00
Kath Gingell

Wednesday 25 Apr 9.30
(St. Vincent’s) Liam Murphy

26 Apr 9.00
Maggie Goodfellow

27 Apr 9.30
(St. Vincent’s) Ruby Wedding

15 Apr 9.30
(St. Vincent’s) For All Parishioners
Kathleen Nealon

Feastdays This Week                MON: St. George; WED: St. Mark.


Baptisms:  By Appointmentcontact Fr. Geoff on 0161 480 3723 or Jenny Forshaw on 0161 494 6115


Please Pray For:

All who are sick at home or in hospital, especially, Mary Henshall, Andrew Way, Joan Rowles, Tom Hall, Liz Beddows, Robert Graham, Ann Forshaw, Veronica Morrissey, Frances Hynes, Maddie Lofthouse, Margaret Farrelly, Pat Milne, Mary Young, Paul Righini, Fr Michael Cupit, Annette Loftus, Fr John Wright, Irene Walker, Veronica Norbury, John Holt, Christy Lynch, Imelda Judge, Veronica Lane, Joanna Winter, Terry Ann Morgan, Trudy Watts, Pat Judge, Paul McClure, Helen Jenkins, Baby Isabella Ortis, Eileen Ben, Marie Hughes.

All who have died recently, especially Frank McFadyen

All whose anniversaries occur around this time, especially, Canon Patrick Egan, Frs. John Flood, John Gannon, Denis O’Sullivan, Michael Barry.



Tea and Toast in the Parish Centre after Mass next Sunday 29 April.

Come along for a cup of tea and a chat.


Dates in May for your Diary:

An Ecumenical Pentecost Breakfast will take place at St. Gabriel’s Church on Saturday 19 May from 9am to 11am.  The speaker will be Lucy Brewster who will talk about her experiences training for ordination in Wythenshawe.


Our Annual Marian Service will be held here at St. Ambrose on Sunday 20 May at 3pm.

Don’t forget the Parish Quiz this Friday 27 April at 7.30pm

in the Parish Centre.  The quizmaster is John Wilbraham.  10 per team

of 4/5 to include a tasty Hotpot.  Bring your own bottle!  All proceeds to our

SVP twin parish in Juba, South Sudan. Put your names on the list at the back

of church.  See you there!


The SVP are collecting any old mobile phones and inkjet cartridges.  They will get 50% of the market value of the recycled phone and 1 for each inkjet cartridge.  See the poster at the back of church for more details.

The Annual SVP Fun Walk will take place on Sunday 3 June from noon to 3pm.

Starting point as usual is the Coffee Shop, Poynton.  It is our big fund raiser for the

Children’s Camp which this year celebrates its 80th anniversary.  The walk is suitable

for all ages, and everyone is welcome.  See the poster at the back of church and put

the date in your diaries!


Serra Meeting:     Thursday 3 May at Christ Church, Heald Green.  Speaker – Fr Jonathan Brandon.  Mass at 7.30pm followed by a light supper and the talk.  All are welcome.  Ring Gerry on 428 9103.



Offertory Collection:                 285.44                 Thank You


Parish Tote:

1st Prize:  30 No 145 J. Seggie      2nd Prize:  10   No. 63 K. Tatton     Congratulations


Hospitals:                   Someone in the Alexandra?  Phone St. Chad’s 428 2480

Someone in Stepping Hill or Cherry Tree?  Phone 483 1010 or the Chaplains 419 5889

or St. Peter’s 483 3476



This Good Shepherd Sunday, the gospel describes Jesus as the ‘genuine’ Shepherd who wants a personal relationship with each one of us and who would lay down his life for us.  Everyone matters to the Good Shepherd, regardless of their situations.  We are told

‘I know my own and my own know me’.  We are called today to follow Jesus in a more personal, more intimate way.  Even when we stray off the path and get lost, it is then – especially – that the Good Shepherd comes looking for us.


“We think we are fleeing from God, but in fact we are running into his arms.””

Meister Eckhart


Our Mission Together, a fund-raising initiative in the Diocese, has, as you already know, caught up with St Ambrose Parish.  OMT has already been successfully completed in 70+ parishes of the diocese. I hope we can get it over with here as quickly, efficiently and generously as possible.  I support the three objectives of OMT and will support it financially, myself, as generously as I can.  I would be grateful if you could do the same. 10,000 +has already been pledged by five families in the parish. We have been given a target is 50,000 over five years. Each one can only support it according to their means. I would really appreciate if each adult would support it financially, if you can.  Please let me know your decision, Yes or No, as soon as possible, on the parish email address above.  It would save me, or a parish team member, from having to contact you.  Furthermore, it would save me from being bothered by the OMT organisers who keep on pestering me about whether parishioners have responded or not to the initiative.  They never give up!

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