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14 May 2017

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Coming together in a spirit of love and hope we celebrate the Sunday Eucharist as we seek to build God’s kingdom in the name of the Risen Lord.

Sunday 14 May 9.30
(St. Vincent’s) For All Parishioners
Marion Lane

Monday 15 May 9.00 Lynsey Kemp (Intentions)

16 May 9.00
Francie Hynie (ill)

Wednesday 17 May 9.30
(St. Vincent’s) 

Thursday 18 May 9.00
Flann Boland

Friday 19 May 9.30
(St. Vincent’s)

Sunday 21 May 9.30
(St. Vincent’s) For All Parishioners
Pauline Henshaw

Feastdays This Week:  FRI: St. Milburga



Baptisms:  By Appointment


Please Pray For:

All who are sick at home or in hospital, especially, Margaret Farrelly, Pat Milne, Tom Hall, Mary Young, Paul Righini, Fr Michael Cupit, Fr. Harry Stratton, Annette Loftus, Fr John Wright, Irene Walker, Veronica Norbury, John Holt, Christy Lynch, Imelda & Tim Judge, Veronica Lane, Paul & Joanna Winter, Joyce Leigh, Terry Ann Morgan, Trudy Watts, Pat Judge, Paul McClure, Cyril Jenkinson, Maggie Goodfellow.

All who have died recently.

All whose anniversaries occur around this time, especially, Frs Frederick Robinson, John Murphy, John Brady, Gerald Courell, Francis Yates.


SVP STOCKPORT CHILDREN’S CAMP:     The now famous Annual Walk will take place on 4 June, starting at 1pm at Poynton Coffee Shop.  Everyone is welcome.  See you there!

This year’s Camp will be from Sunday 30 July to Saturday 5 August.

Sponsor forms are available at the back of church.

Cheques should be written to SVP STOCKPORT CHILDREN’S CAMP FUND.


Can you spare some time each week?  Our Parish Community has an increased number of people living alone.  How about joining the Parish SVP Conference?  The Conference meets twice a month on a Tuesday evening at 7.30pm.  Ring Kevin on 07504 130749 or 0161 282 5523.


Has anyone got 1 – 2 hours a week to spare to do some shopping for a housebound lady on Bridgehall?  If you can help please contact Colin or Jim & Nick Seggie.  Thank You

Marian Songs of Praise:

Today, Sunday 14 May here at St. Ambrose at 3pm.  Everyone welcome.



Craft Fair & Exhibition:             Davenport Methodist Church, Garners Lane are holding a Craft and Fair Exhibition featuring work by local artists on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 June.  All are welcome and anyone wishing to exhibit at the Craft fair will need to book a table in advance.  Please see the poster at the back of church for full details.


Adswood Art Group are holding an Exhibition at Adswood Community Centre on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 17, 18 and 19 May.  All are welcome to come along and see their work.  See the leaflet at the back of church.


This Year is the centenary of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima.  To mark the centenary the National Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima is visiting the Cathedrals of England & Wales, accompanied by the relics of Blessed Jacinta and Blessed Francisco.  The statue will be at our Cathedral in Shrewsbury on the weekend of 20 and 21 May.  See the poster at the back of church for details should you wish to go along.



Parents seeking baptism for their children please contact Fr. Geoff on 0161 480 3723 or

Jenny Forshaw on 0161 494 6115.




Offertory Collection:   301.00       Thank You very much.


Parish Tote:

1st Prize:  30    No. 132 A. Park     2nd Prize 10    No. 67 S. Hullock   Congratulations

Hospitals:              Someone in the Alexandra?  Phone St. Chad’s 428 2480

Someone in Stepping Hill or Cherry Tree?  Phone 483 1010 or the Chaplains 419 5889

or St. Peter’s 483 3476




In his poem ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’ Yeats tells us that peace comes dropping slow.  Yeats understood that happiness and sadness wash over us like the tide.  But peace is harder to obtain that to maintain. When we achieve peace in our hearts, we are free to love God in a full and all-embracing way. Today’s Gospel shares this truth with us.  Jesus tells us to be assured that there is a place for us in his Father’s house, he will go ahead of us and prepare it.  Jesus calms any fears we may have of being cut adrift, of being let go or abandoned.  Jesus has shown us the way to God.  The ‘way’ is not easy, it is not without pain and consistent effort.  However, we can wake up every day to begin again, to right any wrongs and to take another step in the right direction.  This will bring us ultimate peace.

adapted from Intercom

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