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16 September 2018

Twenty Fourth Sunday of the Year

Special Day of Prayer for Home Missions

16 Sep 9.30
(St. Vincent’sFor All Parishioners
Tom Lane (Anniv)

17 Sep 9.00
Special Intention

18 Sep 8.30
Patsy O’Neill

Wednesday 19 Sep 9.30
(St. Vincent’s) Service of Word & Communion

20 Sep 9.00
Service of Word & Communion

21 Sep 9.30
(St. Vincent’s) Fr. Frank McManus

23 Sep 9.30
(St. Vincent’s) For All Parishioners
Bernard Campbell

Feastdays This Week                



                                                THURS: Ss Andrew Kim Taegon, Paul Chong Hasang & Companions;

FRI: St. Matthew.

                                              Baptisms:  By Appointmentcontact Fr. Geoff on 0161 480 3723 or Jenny Forshaw on 0161 494 6115


Please Pray For:

All who are sick at home or in hospital, especially, Barry Lloyd, Eddie Partington, Baby Molly, Andrew Way, Joan Rowles, Tom Hall, Robert Graham, Ann Forshaw,  Frances Hynes, Maddie Lofthouse, Margaret Farrelly, Pat Milne, Mary Young, Paul Righini, Fr Michael Cupit, Annette Loftus, Fr John Wright, Irene Walker, Veronica Norbury, John Holt, Christy Lynch, Imelda Judge, Veronica Lane, Joanna Winter, Terry Ann Morgan, Trudy Watts, Pat Judge, Paul McClure, Helen Jenkins, Baby Isabella Ortis, Eileen Ben, Marie Hughes.

All who have died recently.

All whose anniversaries occur around this time, especially, Canons Peter Coughlan, Clement Turner, Frs. Bernard Houghton, Frank McManus, John Corcoran, Gerald McDonald.


CAFOD Harvest Family Fast Day:  Senior Emergency Manager Robert Cruickshank will be speaking about CAFOD’s work in areas of East Africa and Ethiopia this Monday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm at Holy Family Church, Sale M33 2HT. All are welcome.


Job Vacancy:  St. James’ High School are looking for a Science teacher for a maternity cover from 30 October 2018.  Full details available on the school website or ring Michelle on 482 6900.


As a follow up to the Eucharistic Congress in Liverpool, and the LPA talks on the Eucharist during Lent, the film “Babette’s Feast” will be shown at St. Vincent’s this Thursday evening at 7.30pm.  Wine and nibbles will be available.  All are welcome.


The Annual Diocesan Mass for Grandparents will take place at 12 noon on Saturday 13 October at St. Hugh’s, Timperley, WA14 5NB.   Refreshments will be served afterwards.


ACTS (Adult Catholics Together Spiritually):           Their annual retreat will take place from Friday 26 October to Sunday 28 October at St. Winefride’s Guest House, Holywell, North Wales.  Attendees are asked to give a suggested donation of 100.  For more details ring Siobhan on 0161 477 2783.


Serra Meeting:           Thursday 20 September at Christ Church, Heald Green.

Fr. Geoff will give a talk on “David, the Great King.”  Mass at 7.30pm followed by a light supper and the talk.  Everyone is welcome, but please ring Gerry on 428 9103 if you wish to go.


A Dinner Cabaret Fund-Raising evening will take place at the Wycliffe Hotel, Edgeley Road, Stockport on Saturday 22 September.  The late Fr. Tom McShane, (formerly of St. Joseph’s Parish) lived his last years at the Little Sister of the Poor Elderly Persons Home in Plymouth Grove, Manchester.  The home is in the process of a complete refurbishment and the proceeds of the evening will go towards helping them with the cost of the work.  Tickets cost 30.  For more information ring Brian O’Hare on 0161 499 2004.


In November, St. Joseph’s Parish, Stockport are having a commemoration

to give thanks for the people who were involved in World War I.

Did a relative of yours serve during this war?  If so, please contact

Vera Henderson on 442 8801, who is researching for a commemorative

event at St. Joseph’s on Saturday 10 November.


Offertory Collection:     264.30                Thank You.

Second collection this weekend for Home Missions


Parish Tote:

1st Prize:  30    No.                    2nd Prize:  10    No.



Hospitals:                   Someone in the Alexandra?  Phone St. Chad’s 428 2480

Someone in Stepping Hill or Cherry Tree?  Phone 483 1010 or the Chaplains 419 5889.

or St. Peter’s 483 3476


‘The Men of St. Joseph’ meet every Thursday night at 8pm in the Parish Hall at

St. Joseph’s, Stockport.  Contact Simon Leigh on 07738 056761 for details.

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