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21 January 2018

Third Sunday of the Year

Sunday 21 Jan 9.30
(St. Vincent’sVincent Higgins
Paddy Hunt

22 Jan 9.00
For All Parishioners

23 Jan 9.30
Brad Locke

Wednesday 24 Jan 9.30
(St. Vincent’s) Felix Norton

Thursday 25 Jan 9.00
John Byrne

Friday 26 Jan 9.30
(St. Vincent’s) Julie Higgins

Sunday 28 Jan 9.30
(St. Vincent’s) For All Parishioners
Kathleen Nealon

Feastdays This Week

                                                WED: St. Francis De Sales; THURS: The Conversion of St. Paul,

                                                FRI: Ss Timothy & Titus.

Baptisms:  By Appointmentcontact Fr. Geoff on 0161 480 3723 or Jenny Forshaw on 0161 494 6115


Please Pray For:

All who are sick at home or in hospital, especially, Tom Hall, Liz Beddows, Robert Graham, Ann Forshaw, Veronica Morrissey, Fr Steve Dwyer, Frances Hynes, Maddie Lofthouse, Margaret Farrelly, Pat Milne, Mary Young, Paul Righini, Fr Michael Cupit, Annette Loftus, Fr John Wright, Irene Walker, Veronica Norbury, John Holt, Christy Lynch, Imelda & Tim Judge, Veronica Lane, Joanna Winter, Terry Ann Morgan, Trudy Watts, Pat Judge, Paul McClure, Maggie Goodfellow, Helen Jenkins, Baby Isabella Ortis, Eileen Ben.

All who have died recently, especially, Canon Harry Stratton, Joyce Leigh, Vera Montgomery.

All whose anniversaries occur around this time, especially, Mgrs. Francis McGuiness, Hugh McHugh, Percival Rees, Canon Edmund Quinn, Frs. Terence Hillhouse, John Quinn, Peter Baron, James Matthews, Niall Mullaley,


Please Note the change of Mass time on Tuesday to 9.30am -  the children from St. Ambrose School will come down to church to join us.

Retired Priests’ Fund – Special Collection:

Today the Annual Special Collection for the Retired Priests’ Fund will be held.  With your help, we can build up the Fund to help meet the future needs of our sick and retired priests.  Special envelopes are available to use.  A leaflet about the Fund is also available which explains about the advantage of Gift Aid to the Fund.  Please be as generous as you can.  Thank You.

Canon Harry Stratton’s Funeral Mass will take place on Monday 22 January at 11am

at Our Lady’s, Edgeley.

Christian Unity Week:         The Ecumenical Service for Christian Unity Week will take place today, 21 January, at St. Gabriel’s Church at 3pm.  Everyone is welcome, and refreshments will be served after the service.

Tea, Toast and Coffee will be available after 11am Mass next Sunday, 28 January, in the Parish Centre.  All are welcome.

Funeral Ministers:             Training will begin in the New Year to form Funeral Ministers for our LPA.  Funeral Ministers would, after training and “shadowing” their Parish Priest, be equipped to support the newly bereaved as they plan the funeral and be with them when needed.  Some may also feel called to lead Funeral Services in Church, Committals at the Crematorium and Burials.  If you are interested in being involved an any aspect of this Ministry, please talk to Fr. Geoff.  The Training Days are on 3 February and 3 March from 10am to 3.30pm at St. Vincent’s, Bramhall.  You would need to attend on both days.  You are under no obligation by attending the Training Days.

Serra Meeting:      Thursday 1 February at Christ Church, Heald Green.  Judge Humphries will talk about the Life of St. Paul.  Mass at 7.30pm, followed by a light supper and the talk.  All welcome.

St. John’s Gospelthe mystery of Jesus:      Six workshops led by Jonathan Goodfellow at 1.30pm starting on Wednesday 24 January and continuing until 7 March, in the Crypt Room of the Parish Centre.  The maximum number will be 12.  Bring your bibles and add your name to the list.

The 2018 Diocesan Yearbooks are now on sale at the back of church.

Maintenance to Mission Local - 27 January. From 9.30am to 4.15pm at St. Peter’s Parish Centre, Hazel Grove, led by Hannah Vaughn-Spruce.  See the poster at the back of church.

Parish Tote:            The new Tote year begins on 1 March. We need new members to join.

For a subscription of 50p per week you have the chance to win 30 or 10 in the weekly draw.

Better odds than the National Lottery!  But you must be in it to win it!

However, you don’t have to wait until 1 March – you can join now.  See Colin,

Liz Dewsbury or Karen Tatton for more details.

Please note – if you pay by cheque, please make your cheque payable to

St. Ambrose Parish, Stockport.  Thank you.



Offertory Collection:    317.24             Thank you

Second collection this weekend for the Retired Priests’ Retirement Fund.


Parish Tote:

1st Prize:  30.  No.                                         2nd Prize:  10.   No       Congratulations


Hospitals:                   Someone in the Alexandra?  Phone St. Chad’s 428 2480

Someone in Stepping Hill or Cherry Tree?  Phone 483 1010 or the Chaplains 419 5889 or St. Peter’s 483 3476

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