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18 November 2018

Thirty Third Sunday of the Year

World Day of Prayer for the Poor

18 Nov 9.30
(St. Vincent’sFor All Parishioners
Anthony Morrissey

19 Nov 9.00
Margaret Kirk

20 Nov 9.00
Special Intention

Wednesday 21 Nov 9.30
(St. Vincent’s) John Derek Barnes

22 Nov 9.00
Eddie Patterson

23 Nov 9.30
(St. Vincent’s) Peter & Damian Jeffers

25 Nov 9.30
(St. Vincent’s) For All Parishioners
Kathleen Nealon

Feastdays This Week                


                                                WED; Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary; THURS: St. Cecilia;

SAT: Ss Andrew Dung-Lac & Companions.

                                              Baptisms:  By Appointmentcontact Fr. Geoff on 0161 480 3723 or Jenny Forshaw on 0161 494 6115


Please Pray For:

All who are sick at home or in hospital, especially, Barry Lloyd, Eddie Partington, Baby Molly, Andrew Way, Joan Rowles, Tom Hall, Robert Graham, Ann Forshaw, Frances Hynes, Maddie Lofthouse, Margaret Farrelly, Pat Milne, Mary Young, Paul Righini, Fr Michael Cupit, Annette Loftus, Fr John Wright, Irene Walker, Veronica Norbury, John Holt, Christy Lynch, Imelda Judge, Veronica Lane, Joanna Winter, Terry Ann Morgan, Trudy Watts, Pat Judge, Paul McClure, Helen Jenkins, Baby Isabella Ortis, Eileen Ben, Marie Hughes.

All who have died recently, especially, Winefride Moss.

All whose anniversaries occur around this time, especially, Archbishop John Murphy, 7th Bishop of Shrewsbury, Fr. John Ryan.


St. Ambrose Christmas Fair

Next Saturday 24 November 11am to 1pm:

We would appreciate any donations of cakes, chocolates, groceries, toiletries, bottles, raffle prizes & items that are as-good-as-new. Labelled boxes are provided for the goods at the back of church. Please come along if you can to support this parish effort.

Also, please keep selling books of Raffle tickets.  If you need more, they are available at the back of church.  Please try to sell as many as you can.

Mill Hill Missionaries - Red Mission Boxes:

The next collection is now due.  Would all contributors bring their red boxes

in to church, or let Mary know to collect no later than next weekend – Sunday

25 November please.


Clergy Education & Training Fund – Special Collection:        Today the annual collection for this fund is being held.  Special envelopes are available for you to use.  If you use weekly offertory envelopes, please could you write in your envelope number.  If you contribute to the parish by weekly standing order, could you write in your name and address including postcode.  It will then be possible to claim gift aid on your donation.  Thank you.


Gift Aid:         If you are a taxpayer and contribute regularly to the Offertory collection, please consider joining the Gift Aid Scheme.  This simply means that any contributions made by yourself, the parish can claim back the tax.  Your contributions must be recorded so therefore you will need to contribute either by weekly numbered envelope or by standing order.  There is no extra cost to yourself and it is completely confidential.  Forms are available at the back of church together with envelopes or please contact Kath, the Gift Aid organiser on 483 3799


SVP News:      The SVP Society in the parish visit in hospitals and in homes.  Vital work.  We would be pleased to hear about people in the area who would welcome visits from members of the SVP as friends.  This includes people who are not members of the parish as well.  Please speak to Kevin.


Footsteps Event:        The next event will take place on Thursday 22 November at 7.30pm in St. Peter’s Parish Centre, Hazel Grove.  Fr. Pat Deegan will be looking at two specific miracles in the New Testament.  Everyone is welcome to come along and enjoy a café-style setting whilst exploring more about our Christian faith.


Offertory Collection:     £333.71                Thank You

Second collection for Clergy Education & Training Fund

Parish Tote:

1st Prize:  £30    No.  34 M. Riley                2nd Prize:  £10    No. 132 Anne Park



Hospitals:                   Someone in the Alexandra?  Phone St. Chad’s 428 2480

Someone in Stepping Hill or Cherry Tree?  Phone 483 1010 or the Chaplains 419 5889.

or St. Peter’s 483 3476


The popular Advent Retreat Day will take place in St. Peter’s Parish Centre, Hazel Grove on Saturday 1 December from 9.30am to 4pm.  Mary Hardiman will lead us through the day in a programme titled “Journey into heaven”, when she will reflect on what it meant for the two key women in the Gospel story – Mary and Elizabeth.  All are welcome.  Bring a packed lunch.



Once again, throughout November you are invited to write the names

of any of your loved ones who have died into our special

Remembrance Book, which will be at the back of church.

It will be brought up to the altar with the Offertory Gifts at each Mass

throughout the month.

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